Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm soooo amazing! (and humble)

I was thinking today that so many Manhattanites adopt babies from third world countries, and then they hire nannies (also from countries with less than stellar economic situations) to raise the children they recently acquired. So why don't they just kill two birds with one stone and adopt the baby WITH its mom!

Since this is thee BS blogg, I figured I should put at least one thing thing that is BS in ever Blogg. Right? Well at least try to. Here is my BS moment for this installment. (OH I should call the BS item in the Thee BS Moment, You're reading history right now!) So now, without further adieu, THEE BS MOMENT: I was on set yesterday preparing to enjoy my lunch when something comically sad happened. I had made it through the main line, and approached the dessert table. I was in luck, there was ONE slice of Carrot cake left. There was plenty of chocolate cake, vanilla cake, and Banana Cream cake. There were canolis, and cheesecake, and other assorted pastries. To put it in the simplist form, there happened to be PLENTY of  desserts. However, I was the one grabbing the last slice of Carrot cake. As I placed it on my plate I heard someone behind me saying, "No, no NOOOOO!!!" (and yes, the last 'no' really was screamed at me) I turned around to see a 60-ish year old woman was looking at me and she said, "IIII wanted the carrot cake". So I did what I thought was right, and gave her my slice. She did NOT say "Thank You". I was NOT surprised. However, she was SO gracious as to give me a sliver of the cake.

I have more to write, butttt I'm tired. I waited until way too late to start this tonight, so guess what, I'll edit this tomorrow to make it longer. Yep.