Sunday, April 8, 2012

These BS LINKS Blogg, Vol 8

Not everything that deals with black or write (or yellow or brown or red) is racists. Sometimes it is just the color of someone's skin. The simple fact is that it was a black kid who didn't bring his permission slip, so they put a skin-tone matching smiley face over his face. Had it been a child of another ethnicity, I am sure that child would have a sticker that matched his or her skin-tone as well.
Parents are retarded sometimes because this is FUNNY!

So when I run for president in 2020; one of the things I am going to push is education reform. Education NEEDS to be A>Better and B> Cheaper in this country. I can not tell you how I am doing that yet (I do not want other politicians stealing my ideas, but needless to say I will make America a better country).
Community College Cutbacks

This guy deserves to spend a few years in prison. Why is he not being arrested and tried as if he was driving a car? In most states, a bicyclist is considered a vehicle, so normal traffic laws apply. Had he been in a car, he would be in jail. The fact that he jokes about his helmet (which would be funny if he hadn't hurt anyone but himself), leads me to believe he has no remorse and maybe time in prison will teach him that life is worth more than a $20 helmet.
Dickie Cyclist

When Bobby Petrino dicked the Falcons, I was hoping he would fail miserably in the college ranks. He has not. He is a good coach. I give him that. But, as a human being he is shit. Utter shit.
Bobby Petrino is a scum bag.

News in America is biased. Almost every news outlet said, "ONLY 120,000 civilian sector jobs added. I'm sorry, but isn't GAINING 120,000 jobs a lot better than LOSING jobs. And then most state that the unemployment rate ONLY dropped 1/10th. The last time I checked, LOWERING unemployment rates is always a win. If you are sane, this should make you question who are the forces behind putting a negative spin on GAINING 120,000 jobs.
Only 120,000 jobs??? This sounds awesome! 8.2% is better than 8.3%

The Quaker Oats guy got a facelift!
Hubba Hubba, is that a oatmeal raisin bar in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

If someone brings a sign like this to one of my shows, I will comp your drinks.
And maybe please you sexually afterwards. (Females only please)

Pictures can influence perception
This is old news now, and since this story broke, there have been many outlets that switched to more recent pictures. Again, why does the news want to influence your opinion instead of giving you facts?

She's so darn pretty.... in her own mind
This woman reminds me of so many people I meet on set. Her dumb bitch face needs to be quiet.
Follow UP
She got her feelings hurt. Maybe her dumb bitch face needed to be quiet.

In other news, I am not starring in a Prime Time series right now because every single person in Hollywood is intimidated by me. [Note: That's bullshit. I know it, and you know. But I wanted to say something utterly ridiculous too!]

I hate at&t. I HATE them. Here is where someone sued them in Small Claims Court and WON! If you had throttled data on the unlimited plan, you should too!

Google Maps 8-bit is awesome
My favorite April Fool's Day prank!

being Olberman.

More women obese than thought.
I hope America wakes up soon and realizes that we are too fat. I've lost 25 lbs in the past year, my roomie lost 20, my dad close to 50, and my mom 15. We are doing our part, are you?

More info on obesity.
Seriously, America, YOU'RE FAT! Lose weight. It's not me, it's you! And New Yorkers, just think how much more comfortable the subway would be if NO obese people rode it.

This ties into last week's blog.
Apple Next iPad, not so Next....
If I had $10 million, I would short Apple's Stock. Eventually the iSheep will wake up and realize they are getting 2nd rate products for premium prices. I used to be a huge Apple fan, but I can't be any more. Not until they actually start innovating. I'm calling it now, if they do not change, within 10 years Apple will be like Kodak.

This is sad.
Mary J for Burger King?
Hey, remember when every black guy you knew wanted to bang Mary J? And then a few years later she won all those grammies? And then she cemented her career by singing for Burger King? WAIT WHAT?!

What are the odds that she didn't actually win?
If she did, this is one of the few times I am all for a lawsuit. (And an ass whoopin') Soooooooo, I posted this one on here Monday morning. In the 6 days since this happened, the woman has come out that she "can't find" the ticket. Who else is shocked?