Thursday, March 29, 2012

These BS LINKS Blogg, Vol 7

If you read to the end, I have something special for you (if you are into the Hunger Games). I realize after typing that, some of you may skip the entire blog and go straight to the end to see the Hunger Games map. I'm ok with that. Enjoy!

This guy is awesome
"This guy" is Kevin Cunningham. He is the one that got the ball rolling on the "Prosecute Trayvon's Murderer" cause. Did anyone else expect it to be a ginger? This guy gets a lot of respect from me.

Apple's "The Next iPad" is not so hot. First we have this:
Processor not much faster
and then we have this:
People really can't tell a difference in the screen.
I'm not saying it is not a good product, but instead of calling it "The Next iPad" maybe they should call it "The Slightly Improved iPad". I used to be an apple fanboy. And, I still think of them as one of America's greatest success stories. But, I can't help but wonder how long they can sustain momentum when they release products that are only marginally better than the previous years when other companies are outpacing them. Apple tries to slow other companies innovations by suing first in the patent wars. My current phone (The HTC EVO 3D) came out 4 months before the iPhone4s and does a lot more. Yet, the iPhone 4s has sold MANY millions more. I think if people actually had someone to sit down and show them how much more Android can do, they would still chose the iPhone because of brand cache.

Here we have a woman singing the National Anthems before a Hockey game. She sings both country's since the game is between a Canadian team, and one from the United States. I believe she is a judge on Canada's Got Talent. In America, the saying is, "Those who can, do; those who can't teach". I believe in Canada it is "Those that can, do; those that can't, judge reality contest".
Two National Anthems, both bad.

Jesus had a great sense of humor
If you have read my book, you know that I believe this. If you have not read my book, then what is wrong with you?

You've had your fun, now it is time to leaf... I mean leave
Oh this girl. I would say she was barking up the wrong tree, but that put would make you leaf my page. My favorite part is at the end when her friend cock blocks the tree. I hope the girl didn't get a splinter.

Oh photoshop. Demi....
I have a friend, (and I know, surprising!) and I won't mention her name, but her Facebook Photos are PHOTOSHOPPED! Yes, vanity I call thy name. And if I ever decide I do not like this person with a lot of gusto, I will blog the before and after of her facebook photos. hahaha Nah, I wouldn't do that. But I feel Photo Shop is the scourge to true beauty.

People will sue over ANYTHING!
This would not happen in North Carolina. We have a "frivolous lawsuit law". I hope this old woman loses, and loses big. Does anyone else see the irony in the fact that her entire life it was a glass ceiling that held her down, but in the end, it was a glass wall that took her out? Don't get me wrong, I feel bad that she is 84 years old and did not realize there was a glass wall, but suing is stupid.

Cops ticketing Drivers on the phone.

This is me at the gym like errr day
This should make you giggle. I had seen almost all of these before, but it was nice to see them all in one clip.

Soccer Chick Gone Wild! (clothes on fist flying)
I feel like any comment I make will come across racist. I played soccer for 12 seasons, and coached for one. I have seen a lot of crazy stuff, but nothing like this. And although that play was not clean, I have seen a lot worse trips and tackles. What frustrates me about this is that it was the black girl that went crazy, and started throwing fists. I believe all people are equal, and no matter what your race, you should be judged by who you are and not the color of your skin. However, when you live in South Carolina, and you are black, and you go ape shit on someone (no matter what the color of the other person is), it will give others a reason to be racists. Not everyone has moved past the race barrier. When you are a representative of a minority, it is your responsibility to uphold yourself to a higher standard. You should want to extol all of the positives of your race, and limit the negatives. I know that this could just as easily been a white girl hitting another white girl, but do the other fine people of South Carolina know that? As a Southerner living in New York, I find myself often fighting the stereotypes that Southerners are stupid, we talk slow, and that we are all Bible thumpers. I try to always show the positives of being from the South and limit the negatives. That is the only way I can change people's perceptions of what it is like to be a Southern person. If everyone: black, white, asian, latino, or any other race realized that in order to denigrate a stereotype, it needs to be eliminated, racism would slowly die.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

These BS LINKS Blogg, Vol 6

The Lead-off:
Disappointed in you Patricia

I very rarely state my views sincerely (unless it is about the mobile phone industry or big government prying into our lives), but I feel this needs to be said.

I do not know Sandra Fluke, but I respect her right to have sex with who she wants, when she wants. It is none of my business. These people are calling her bad names without even getting to know her. I expected it from Rush, but I thought Patricia Heaton was smarter than this. Birth Control is NOT something that a girl can just pop a pill the day she wants to have sex. It is something that she has to keep regimented in her system. DUH.

Also, they call her a slut, but what if she is in a committed relationship with one person? What if her and her love wants to "do the grown-up" on the kitchen counter on Monday, in the shower Tuesday, on the love seat Wednesday, on the kitchen table Thursday, and go old-school and do it in bed on Friday. Is she still a slut for wanting to share intimate moments with a significant other? And even if it was a different  partner every night of the week, who are we to cast judgments upon her? Everyone here has done something bad in their life. Like for me, I listened to Rush Limbaugh once. I'm not proud of it, but we all make mistakes. Yes, I have called girls sluts in the past. But I outgrew that when I was 22. And ironically enough, the girls I called sluts were the ones that wouldn't sleep with me. Now I'm a grown-up. Now I know to call those girls lesbians. I'm mature. AND MAYBE I'm just too logical (God forbid logic ever enter into politics and national discussion, but maybe, JUST MAYBE birth control is cheaper than all the welfare babies.

And in conclusion, you do NOT have to read any of my previous comments on birth control because I'm a man. I should have no say in what a woman does with her body. But I tell you this, if they come up with pills for men for birth control, I'm eating those like Reece's Pieces. And anyone knows me, that means I'm eating a lot of them.

Something both Rednecks and Asians can agree on: This is AWESOME!
Too Fast! Too Furious! (And yes, I will probably put these on my Camaro!

I wonder why Verizon did not want Lightsquared as a competitor.
Maybe because they wanted to do this! A lot of you may not know about LightSquared. But, the FCC pulling their license exemption because of the GPS industries lack of ability to stay within their spectrum will cost this nation BILLIONS. Enough money could have been saved to provide free birth control.

Look out EVERY COACH I ever had!
This family is retarded. I think they should make this guy run the suicide drill. (Are they still allowed to call it Suicide Drill? That seems insensitive in this day and age)

Anyone offended by this should kill themselves.... quickly
I honestly added the above link AFTER this one and did not realize I had "Suicide" in two posts in a row. That does NOT make it look like I have a healthy view of human life. Oops.

I'm sad Disney relented.
Fucking fatties man. I think I'm going to start hating them.

Comcast Double Bills Customers, then charges them to fix it.
HAHAHAHA, this makes me glad to be on DirecTV. At least they don't charge me to fix THEIR mistakes.

Blacker please.
Ok, so the fact that the teacher wanted him to read it blacker does not offend me. The words written NEED to have the intended inflection to get the point across. We should not forget our history, for we would be doomed to repeat it. However, saying, "You're black, aren't you" is a tad bit offensive to me. I see where she was going with this. I include the link to The Poem so you can make your own decisions.

Always look at the serving size.
Companies have been fudging with these numbers since they were forced to put it on there. I think the government should step in and FORCE them to do this honestly. One  of the few times I think the government should get involved with anything.

Carol Vs Joan
I believe this is fake, but not sure how I feel about it.

This woman was a teacher?
How is this any way to treat a child that pees the bed? People sadden me.

Oral Sex AND fried chicken?!?!?
That is the life I want and deserve!

You're welcome at&t customers
Sometimes my big mouth pays off

I hate the rich.
Like seriously hate them.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I like hugs.

Hugs are the greatest thing that man ever invented. Well since they are so great, it was probably a woman who invented it, but either way. They are great.

It is weird how people in New York differ from people in Greenville when it comes to hugs. New Yorkers  do NOT like to be hugged as much as their southern counterparts. It's weird to me. But, to New Yorkers it is weird that I enjoy hugs so much. Who is to say which is really correct?

I believe I am correct. Hugs are sweet, and make you feel cared about. I agree, there are such things at "creepy" hugs, but normal hugs are the closest thing to Heaven that I know about.

I can understand why someone wouldn't want a "creeper" hug. No one wants someone getting too "handsy" with them whether there is a hug involved or not.

Also, it seems that as a guy, if you hug guys you're gay. Yes, that is a scientific FACT in New York City. I find this to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. How are guys in New York so insecure with themselves that hugging another guy automatically makes them gay. I'm not sure if people understand the concept of what gay really is. Gay is not how you dress, or how you talk, or how you hug. Gay is finding other men attractive and lusting to put your dick in them. I hug the majority of my guy friends and I have yet to ever lust a guy. Hugs are natural. Maybe I was just blessed with the perfect group of friends back in Greenville, North Carolina, but I hugged all of my friends, both guys and girls. It was never a big deal. I always felt it was much more akin to "You are my brother, my friend, and if you ever need anything I am here for you", not "You are my bro, my hoe, and if you ever need "anything" (wink, wink) I am here for you.

I guess this is the end of my thoughts on this. Feel free to write below what you think. I'd be interested to see how people in other parts of the country or world thing about hugs.