Saturday, February 15, 2014

If you were sad on Valentine's Day, it was YOUR fault.

So Valentine's Day has passed, or as I usually refer to it S.A.D. [Singles Awareness Day] and whether single, or in a relationship; I hope you all had an enjoyable one.

For my fellow single friends that I saw complaining about the holiday, some words of advice. And you do not have to listen because I am in no way an expert, but I'm saying this because I care, and I feel like it needs to be said.

If you were sad and lonely on Valentine's Day, it is your fault. You have NO ONE else to blame but yourself. (Unless your significant other died recently, then ignore this) I am very much single, and I had a blast! Full disclosure: I woke up yesterday morning so very sad. I didn't cry, but it would not have taken much to get me to that point. But, after my first can of Mtn Dew that changed. I refused to be sad, and I refused to feel lonely. I made the choice to be happy. I counted my blessings.

This paragraph is a tangent, so if you want to skip it and go to the next, feel free to. Now I've had my fair share of ladies in my life over the past few years (way too many to count), and it would not have been hard for me to find a romantic date, but I didn't want one. At this point in time my life, there are only four women I find attractive. One is Turtle (my ex) and I have no plans of ever getting back together with her. As much love as we have for one another, we're just not right for each other. One is married, and I NEVER mess with a married woman. That leaves two women for me in this entire world. The one everyone knows is Nina Davuluri (Miss America) who has a boyfriend and I don't mess around with that either. That only leaves ONE other woman that only 6 of my closet friends and my parents know about. However, I have no way of contacting her, but one day I will. I just know making her laugh is one of the happiest moments of my life. :-) So when it comes to spending Valentine's day with someone in a romantic way, pickings were slim.

Around a month ago I asked my friend Amy to be my valentine. I think Amy is one of the smartest, and prettiest women that I know. She is a ridiculously gifted artist, and I have never had a bad time with her. I also knew we could be Valentine's and not have that weird, 'What is the other person thinking" thing going on.

For Valentine's, we planned something fun. Neither of us have ever been to White Castle, so we went there and lost our White Castle virginity to one another. It was a BLAST!!!! They waited on us like it was a fancy restaurant, and it was honestly the BEST service I have ever gotten anywhere in the North. Terrell was my personal waiter, but all four servers would check on us constantly. Each time they apologized for interrupting our conversation, but they wanted to make sure we were doing ok. Their service was OUTSTANDING! We left there and went to Chuck E. Cheese and played games! After that we went our separate ways. I may or may not have went to a karaoke place after that, and watched a guy dump his girlfriend ON VALENTINE's via song. Then I may or may not have taken her out for a drink afterwards. I DID for a fact come home and watch "Bend it like Beckham" again.

I went to bed last night happy. Although I am "alone" aka "single", I didn't let that get me down, although it would have been easy to wallow. So anyone that was sad yesterday, remember you CHOSE to be sad. And some people make excuses… "But Brian, I don't have places like that to go in my town" or "But Brian, I don't have any friends of the opposite sex I can do that with".

If you said that, you are making an excuse, not trying to find a solution. I'm writing this today because BELIEVE IT OR NOT there will be ANOTHER Valentine's Day next year. So start planning NOW what you can do to rectify the situation. I remember one year I just had a few friends over to my house "NO COUPLES ALLOWED" and we watched movies, played board games (I love Scatagories), and ate a meal together. That way we were not alone on the holiday. Valentine's Day should be about love, not about sadness. It doesn't have to be about love for a significant other, just spread love in general.

If you need help for next year, feel free to message me and I can give you some pointers. I know this post probably makes me sound like a Dick, but at least I'm a dick that cares enough about you to not want to see you post sad stuff next year.

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