Saturday, February 22, 2014

#SlutShaming is NEVER cool

I cannot stand people that #slutshame. I don't even like the word slut. If a girl wants to be a stripper, let her strip. If a woman wants to do porn, let her fuck. If a woman wants to be a prostitute, let her turn her tricks. We have this really messed up notion that people who enjoy sex with different partners are below or beneath us. How often are the people that say this secretly envious of these experiences. I have friends that have only had one partner their entire life, and friends that have had over a hundred. NEVER ONCE have I given a care to their sex life. Every woman that I date, I never ask them their number, and I will never tell them mine. Maybe since I have "experienced" life, I have a different view. BUT, even with me enjoying more than one partner in my life, I would never judge someone who has had only one. If someone finds the right person, and that person is "the one", then more power to them. Here are things more important to me than my partner's number of sexual partners: How is their sense of humor? Are they mentally stable? Are they able to support themselves financially? Do I find them attractive? Can they high five? Are they good at cuddling? Are they stylish? Are they generous in spirit? Would they be there for me when I need them? Do I like their hairstyle? I could go on listing for 3 days, and still never get to their sexual past. My only concern there is, "Are they clean?" If so, boom, it is on! If you care about your partner's past, why? Please leave comments below explaining your view OR if you want to keep it private, email me. My guess is that if you care, it is because you feel like you might be inferior in the sack if they have had a lot of partners. Let me calm that fear. If you are inferior, and a person loves you, they will work with you and teach you what they like. Just listen. I've learned that 96% of women like different things, and there are only two spots guaranteed to make her go crazy (one of those is the G). [Sorry guys, I will not divulge these secrets] If you care about a stranger's sexual history, why? And if you care, have you ever watched porn? I remember being younger, and using terms like slut, and hoe. Now that I am older, and wiser; I feel so ignorant for using those hurtful words. And I will be honest, the majority of the time I used those words, is when I was upset that a girl didn't want me! She was a "slut" because she fucked other guys that were not me. Had she been fucking me, that term would have never been uttered. That's why I used it, why do you? We are so quick to call people names, and give them labels without getting to know the person. I am NOT my sex life. My name is Brian Spain, and yes I have sex. And according to my Facebook posts, people like me and think I'm a generally swell guy. A lot of people say I'm the nicest person they know. I don't agree with that statement, but it is told to me quite often. So, if I am the such a great guy, am I also a "slut" for enjoying sex with more than one person in my life? I will never admit my number, it could be 2, it could be 200, but the point is; all of you that know me, love me (or at least like me) for me. And how many times have you thought about the number of people I have slept with? Probably 0, right? So let's just say I've had sex with 100 women or more. [Not saying that I have or haven't, I'm just using this as an example] If I have had sex with 101 women, am I still the good person that I've been considered for so long, or do your views on me change? I'm going to make a video about this blog. What really pushed my button to write about it today though was the article below. I have no problem with someone doing porn. I've had friends that have done porn, and I have friends that are either strippers now, or used to strip. A lot of times these friends tell me they like me because I'm not judgmental. I appreciate that, because I work VERY hard at not judging. I feel like it is engrained in us to judge, but I fight that every time I see it pop up. I will leave you with this Bible verse, which is one of my favorites: Matthew Chapter 7, Verse 3: Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

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